Why Poetry?

Hi. Ok..... you've clicked on this because you are either interested in poetry, or because you are curious. Either way, welcome to this little non-fashion corner of the Quirky website. I have been a prolific writer and poet now for many years, with many of my creations having been published into various compilations.This section is not to "show off" the poetry that has sprung from my life of ups and downs, valleys and mountains BUT to illustrate what type of creative form this takes when it passes through my unique life perspective, my own love and faith.... and finally through my fingers. You can have a slice of your own....

Personalised Poetry / Gift

JD 146This poetry is available to use or pass-on free of charge (I am happy to email you a PDF) but is just a very small selection of the many poems, celebrations, retirements, obituaries and tributes I have created for people along life's way.

You can have your own personalised poem - long, short, epic, funny, touching, whatever - for yourself, your business, family member, friend or colleague. Prices vary depending on what you want, but typically it may cost between £20-£60 to have your own masterpiece!

  • Business Interest or USP
  • Birthdays
  • Retirement
  • New Home
  • Leaving
  • Funeral
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Anniversay
  • Achievement
  • etc...

Please just message me or call 07711 317598; it doesn't take much info to get started and it doesn't necessarily take too long either. Any enquiries or queries welcome.

It's so nice to be able to give a truly personal gift or tribute!


The art of wearing quirky
is a case of style and flair,
Explore with shape and texture
and add colour if you dare,
Mix in a dash of pattern
and a hint of vintage too,
And maybe you'l discover
....a whole new Quirky you!

Mother's Day / Mother's Tribute

A Mother Most Rare

The most wonderful of Mothers;
The loveliest of friends;
A rock to rest and lean on,
Through all life’s twists and bends.

The kindest of all people;
The best that God has made;
Love wrapped up in human flesh
…and beautifully displayed.

Luminous and special;
Selfless bold and strong;
Patient, warm and thoughtful
…and very rarely wrong.

A spirit sweet and restful;
A heart that’s pure and true;
A voice that’s wise and gentle,
And eyes that see right through!

God only made one like you,
Each good thing He could find,
Was carefully placed in you Mum,
To bless all humankind!!

Inspirational Creation Poem


Creation begs the question,
How came I so refined?
Did such sophistication,
Just happen undesigned?
Did space and time self manage,
So perfectly aligned?
Did light and dark appear,
By luck and chance combined?

Did every tiny atom,
Create itself a glue,
To stick to other particles,
That also made some too,
And by some secret language,
Make sure all cell-life knew,
That they would make the universe,
By forming, bang on cue!

By all their thinking efforts,
Did atoms form a plan,
And brainstorm evolution,
To one day make a man?
But first they found a conscience,
And development began;
A complicated set-up,
To resist, respond and scan.

Did cell life form in structures,
With features quite unique;
And prototypes emerging,
As something rather sleek!?
With super-charged receptors,
(Like ears, so to speak),
And flexible and thinnish skin,
... So contents wouldn’t leak?

The mission thus successful,
Did atoms then contrive,
To set about inventing,
And bringing stuff alive?
A billion different species,
NOT all that would survive,
And climates, skies and weather...
Ensuring life would thrive?

Some types were just made static,
And some would move around.
Some things would fly above them,
And some go underground!
Some life would walk the planets,
To earth and sea be bound,
But later they were modified........
For several species drowned!!

Did then these new formations,
Imagine greater scale?
Things had to work in cycles,
If life was not to fail.
So, did they summon systems,
And all that would entail...?
Boy! ..... things were getting tricky,
On this reproductive trail!!...

Did clever little atoms,
Become a world of stuff,
Hot and cold and tepid,
Prickly, smooth and rough,
Vast and microscopic,
Fragile, porous, tough:
From huge galactic stratospheres,
To belly button fluff??

Creation had a crisis:
Her thinking cells were beat!
If she hadn’t self-invented,
Then, she’d have to see defeat!!
She looked at all her beauty,
This amazing complex feat,
And saw in just one moment
That her thoughts were incomplete

.She’d thought that it was foolish,
To believe that she’d been made.
But this was far more senseless,
... This “self-evolve” charade!!
She mused and looked to heaven,
And there she saw God’s hand,
With soil beneath His fingernails,
Stretched-out to tend the land.

Right there she heard God’s heartbeat;
She recognized the thud –
The rhythm of her seasons,
The sense of all her good.
She wanted then to shout it,
And only wished she could,
That she’d recognized her maker
..... and she finally understood!

Generic Poem about Love & Friendship


Love that transcends all personal views,
Love that cushions the saddest of news,
Love that brings light to the blackest dark,
Love that ignites and brings hope from a spark.
Love that bears up when the spirit is down,
Love that can breach the most serious frown,
Love that turns-back a venomous hate,
It rebuffs and dilutes and can slowly negate.

Love that unites and so bridges divides,
Love that speaks value where failure resides,
Love that affirms a beleaguered soul,
Love that repairs and aspires to make whole.
Love that is patient and strives to see good,
Love that draws gold from the misunderstood,
Love that rebuilds when foundations have cracked,
It girds and supports ‘til they’re fully intact.

Love that subdues when a hurt turns to rage,
Love that attracts those the world won’t engage,
Love that inspires; brings purpose and scope,
Love that can rescue; your friendship, its rope.
Love that is giving when someone has none,
Love that uplifts when all strength has but gone,
Love that speaks out when no voice can be heard,
It defends and protects with each well-advised word.

Love that’s relentless and sees through façade,
Love that takes-in those that life would discard,
Love that unburdens by sharing a load,
Love that stands firm on the rockiest road.
Love that is medicine; it heals and it mends,
Love that brings peace when confusion descends,
Love that endorses where courage is lost,
It respects and connects and will not count the cost.

Love that embraces, when others would shun,
Love that resolves when the discord is done,
Love that just listens and gives of its time,
Love that forgives, irrespective of crime.
Love that erodes, all the grey of cruel years,
Love is compassion, that wipes away tears,
Love is not touchy, and loves not dispute,
It’s wise and discerning, mature and astute.

Heaven’s resource – humanity’s tool:
An equal share for King and fool:
An unseen force that hides its weight,
In selfless acts, both small and great,
In kindly words, both plain and grand,
In smiles that say, “I understand”….
In heartfelt hugs that show you care,
In quiet vows to lift in prayer,
In simple gifts that aim to bless,
In discipline and tenderness…
In calm response to much offence,
In hearts that seek no recompense,
In generous deeds that seek no praise,
In mild approach and thoughtful ways…
In endless faith, in boastless skill,
Enduring grace; surrendered will…

Love is found in many a place,
In many a hand and many a face,
It’s free, and on-tap, in unmetered supply,
With limitless stocks that will not run dry…

BUT, sat in reserves it’s devoid of effect,
Its God-given power is hard to detect,
It has to be channelled to be of some use,
It has to be vesselled; re-packaged; let loose.

So take all you can and then give it all out,
Use of it wisely and spread it about,
Be most aware of the power in your hand,
For this is the weapon that God himself planned.

It bears His name, it bears His might,
It comes well-versed in the “age old” fight,
So take on some battles, make LOVE the attack,
Then bless one another and see what comes back.

Father's Day

My Hero

A Father in a million.
Quite simply streets ahead.
No other ever matches up,
Or stands in equal stead.

Comparisons are futile,
You’re way above the rest,
Head and shoulders greater,
Undoubtedly the best!

The Daimler stood by Minis,
The meat in Grandma’s stew,
An ace among the face cards,
….a winner through and through!

The diamond ‘mongst the gravel.
The sunshine in the rain,
The roastie in the spud bowl,
A Concorde  - not a plane!

The steak at side of burger,
The Shakespeare next to Keates,
You’re Liverpool not Grimsby Town,
And silk not cotton sheets!

You’re many things so wonderful,
You’re strong and brave and wise,
Yet also kind and gentle,
As you nurture and advise.

You’ll always be my hero.
My champ, my rock, my friend!
And I will be you’re little girl
….from now ‘til lifetime’s end!

I love you . Happy Father’s Day. xxx

Personal Joy as My Second Son was Born

Now I Know Lord

How truly grateful can one heart be,
That you reserved this child for me?
How long in the planning? How long in design,
So this true gift could be packaged as mine?
How long did this secret sit close to Your chest,
So You could bless me with Your heavenly best?
And how could You not, share hints of Your plan,
When You knew all along about this little man?
So playful, so happy; so full of delight!
Smiling, contented, tactile and bright!
Laughing and looking with love-filled eyes.
A spirit born gentle, mature and wise.
Have angels protected some special mould,
Reserved for the Great, since the Saints of old?
And have unique parts of this precious stock,
Been guarded through years under key and lock?
The spirit, the soul, the flesh, the bone,
Were assembled in thought, before they were grown.
It defies all belief; it blows my mind,
That this perfect form, to me, was assigned.
You wrote this whole chapter before my first breath,
For You knew this blessing would balance out death.
So, forever I’m humbled, that my little boy,
Was born of Your schemes Lord, to bring me such joy!!

Support for a Friend

Someone Who Cares!

In times of trial and challenge
There is a friend who cares,
Who follows every detail,
Of painful life affairs.

A friend who knows of sadness,
Of hardship and of grief.
A friend who’s faced the weight of loss….
And all that lies beneath.

A friend that sees your burden,
And waits close by to share
The tough and rocky passage,
Of sorrow and despair.

A friend who’s tasted tears
And knows the ache of dread…
For GOD has borne what you will bear,
And trod where you will tread!

He longs to give you refuge,
Assurance, strength and peace.
He longs to lift the heaviness:
Bring healing and release.

He longs to soothe emotions,
And mix His grace with strife,
And take this journey with you,
Through this “bumpy stretch” of life.


The day of your lives..

The entwining of souls,
The enshrining of love,
The sanctity of marriage
As ordained from above.

The joining of lives,
The sharing of years,
The promise of oneness
Through laughter and tears.

The day of your lives
No language can measure.
(But) each second, each minute
Your senses must treasure.

The butterfly feeling
In an old-fashioned way,
The knowing forever,
Will start from today.

The weaving of destiny,
The locking of hearts.
A day full of memories
As your future now starts.

The assurance of knowing
This union will last:
The peace from that knowledge
A gift unsurpassed.

The well of emotion,
A passion so deep,
This medley of feelings
To nurture and keep.

The excitement of giving
Yourself to another.
The joy as you take
Each one to the other.

Fulfilment you dreamed of;
Commitment so rare;
Steadfastness so earnest;
There’s none to compare.

A journey beginning;
Togetherness in view.
No more “you and I”,
But always “us two”.

Harmony of purpose;
Affirming each vow.
Believing and trusting
As your heart will allow.

Basking in romance,
Savouring each kiss,
Embracing each step
Of this new wedded bliss.

Cherish each glance,
Remember each smile,
The thrill of occasion
Will last but a while.

But one truth will remain
When the guests have all gone,
You’re no longer “______   &______”;
In God’s eyes - you’re one!!

70th Birthday

The Love of Friends....

A lavish Happy Birthday was wished for you dear Anne,
With Limousines and caviar... at least that was the plan!
We wanted something classy, to honour who you are,
And all the fancy trimmings, that best befit a star.

Unfortunately mishaps have quite upset this dream,
I guess a five star function’s not as plain as it would seem!
We started planning months ago, to put this night in place,
But all the last day let- downs, have been a rare disgarace!

The elephants from Africa, all missed the connecting flight.
The monkeys ordered weeks ago, had double booked tonight!
The lions just discovered that their visas had expired,
And apologies from the President.. he said he was too tired!!

The champagne sent from Harrods, did simply NOT arrive.
The Philharmonic Orchestra, are stuck on the M25,
The film crew we commissioned, I believe, crashed on the way,
And the welcome solo harpist, broke her hand and cannot play!

The Interflora flowers, that we had especially grown,
 Paid for several months ago....... have now, alas, not shown!
It really caused me bother when Rick Stein let me down,
Along with Sir Cliff Richard, The Queen and Gordon Brown.

The company for lighting, has just, this week, gone bust!
The carpet came in lemon, not in red, as we’d discussed!
The driver for the banners, was giv’n the wrong address....
And what with dodgy Dover sole.... it’s all been quite a mess!

But still through all the cock-ups – all of which are true!!
I guess the most important thing still made it to your “do”!
The love of friends and dear ones, whose hearts reach out to say...
We love you Anne and bless you, on your very special day!!

Happy 70th Anne.

Rock Orphanage / Charity

The Tsunami Children  

Vagrant yet beautiful,
Sallow yet bright,
Dirty yet pure
In God’s holy sight.

Helpless yet strong,
Rich though poor,
Hungry but content
With the world at their door.

Hopeful not hopeless,
Simple but astute,
Sweet not bitter
Like the rarest of fruit.

Needy but grateful,
Protected though lost,
Bereft but loved
No matter the cost.

Placid not angry,
Loving not cold,
Kind not greedy
Though so little to hold.

Wounded yet grounded,
Hardened yet meek,
Blameless not guilty
If the truth could speak.

Ragged but radiant,
Unguarded not vain,
Brave though unknowing
If life holds more pain.

Uncertain yet trusting,
Weary but blessed,
Lowly yet smiling
As their fears lay to rest.

Unique and special,                   
Innocent and mild,
Inspiring and warming
Is each precious child.

No speeches, no gifts,
No requests, no demands,
Just hope for the future,
And their life in your hands!

God's Love Through Hard Times

What is God’s Love Like?

Endlessly more vast than the sprawling skies,
Brilliantly greater than the myriads of stars,
Unendingly more infinite than the rolling galaxies,
And divinely more unfathomable than the ancient mysteries of time:
This is God’s love.

Blindingly more radiant than the untethered sun,
Immeasurably higher than the eclipsing mountains,
Uncontainably deeper than the hidden oceans,
And assuredly more powerful than the fierce winds of nature:
This is God’s love.

Refreshingly purer than a desert spring,
Wonderfully more beautiful than a rainbow’s hue,
Comfortingly more precious than a priceless jewel,
And sacrificially more costly than all the treasures of the world:
This is God’s love.

Soothingly warmer than Springtime mornings,
Reassuringly more tender than a mother’s kiss,
Naturally sweeter than fragrant incense,
And earnestly more steadfast than the slow turn of the earth:
This is God’s love.

Never failing,
Never ending.
Ever caring,
Ever tending.This is God’s love.

Mother's Day

You Are Always There!

There’s many different reasons why Mothers are so great!
There’s much to be most thankful for and much to celebrate!
It’s not to do with chromosomes, genetics or with birth….
But all to do with what their love and nurturing is worth!

With you there is no limit to what that love gives out,
Patience, strength and wisdom; selfless beyond doubt,
Gentleness and kindness; encouragement and peace,
Deeds that shoulder burdens and words that bring release.

I cannot mark the moments when you have stood beside,
To help me stay the journey of a rough and bumpy ride,
For they are just too many to count or to recall,
I just know you are always there…. to help me through it all!

There’s never been a moment when I have felt alone,
For you have shared each trouble, whatever life has thrown.
I value every precious gift that God has placed in you,
‘Cos I see you’ve released them ….. and let me share them too!

I’m truly ever grateful, that God gave you to me:
He didn’t charge me extra…. you came completely free!
But I’d have paid a fortune and searched ‘til journey’s end,
To have you as my Special Mum…. my guide, my rock, my friend!!

Happy Mother’s Day!