IMG 6827Here in this little corner of the world, you will find this quite unique clothing brand “ Q is for Quirky”. Indeed, this is how and where the boutique business began.

Juliet has always had a love of designing and costume, of creating and experimenting. Her strong sense of individuality and expressiveness has long been seen through her eye for fashion and her love of style. She has an extensive collection of individual clothes, acquired through years of loving and buying extraordinary fashion pieces and justified through her career as an entertainer and singer. Until now, this was just a lifelong passion.... but that all changed when she met Carol Duncan – her friend and seamstress.

Impressed by Carol’s amazing talent and dedication as a creative seamstress, Juliet (and Carol) began experimenting with textile waste and B grade stock. Wow. Suddenly, ideas grew legs, design grew wings and imagination was the only limit. Each garment is individually designed to create one-off pieces with a quirky twist, and even now, a design pathway is still emerging.

A strong identity is being created with upcycled, re-constituted, deconstructed wool knitwear – wearable, individual, timeless. Themed and upcycled denim jackets have proved incredibly popular with embroidery, applique and embellishment detail – each one completely different and incorporating different skills and expertise. We happily take commissions for denim jackets and have already done a few to date – (we can re-vamp your own or provide you with the starting point): floral, chinese, nautical, aztec, paisley, autumnal, festival, stripes, circles, stars, ribbons, girlie, animal print etc.... the possibilities are endless.

Wool capes and ponchos are other favourites with festival wear and soft jackets proving popular too. It’s all about fun and individuality.... but with no compromise on quality.

Bespoke items are of the highest manufactured quality and range from steampunk and tartan coats to the most opulent occasionwear in Vivienne westwood fabrics. Vibrant faux fur is a popular fabric for us to work in, but we also love to explore vintage and retro fashion with 60s dresses and swing jackets.

Where does it all end? Who knows?

But let Q is for Quirky be the starting point of your creative journey.

Happy to discuss your requirements and can give you a fairly accurate quote depending on what and when. Quick turnaround is a possibility particularly during autumn / winter when wedding season is quieter and prices are exceptionally good given the service and quality. You will be surprised at how affordable your individual Quirky piece could be.

Call Juliet 07711 317598 or contact via facebook or email.