Why Poetry?

Hi. Ok..... you've clicked on this because you are either interested in poetry, or because you are curious. Either way, welcome to this little non-fashion corner of the Quirky website. I have been a prolific writer and poet now for many years, with many of my creations having been published into various compilations.This section is not to "show off" the poetry that has sprung from my life of ups and downs, valleys and mountains BUT to illustrate what type of creative form this takes when it passes through my unique life perspective, my own love and faith.... and finally through my fingers. You can have a slice of your own....

Personalised Poetry / Gift

JD 146This poetry is available to use or pass-on free of charge (I am happy to email you a PDF) but is just a very small selection of the many poems, celebrations, retirements, obituaries and tributes I have created for people along life's way.

You can have your own personalised poem - long, short, epic, funny, touching, whatever - for yourself, your business, family member, friend or colleague. Prices vary depending on what you want, but typically it may cost between £20-£60 to have your own masterpiece!

  • Business Interest or USP
  • Birthdays
  • Retirement
  • New Home
  • Leaving
  • Funeral
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Anniversay
  • Achievement
  • etc...

Please just message me or call 07711 317598; it doesn't take much info to get started and it doesn't necessarily take too long either. Any enquiries or queries welcome.

It's so nice to be able to give a truly personal gift or tribute!