Knowing your body type can be helpful for choosing clothing that will accent your best features.

It’s easy to determine your body type with nothing more than a tape measure.

Start by taking measurements of your bust, waist, and hips. Then, use this information to determine which body type best describes your measurements. No matter what your body type, remember that bodies come in many shapes and sizes and all bodies are beautiful!

 body shape model hourglass

The hourglass body type, where your hips and bust are wider and your waist is well-defined, is often associated with curvy sirens like Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. However, you can still be an hourglass figure if you carry a little extra weight around the middle, as long as the sides of your waist dip inward. To find clothing that suits your hourglass figure, look for styles that accentuate your waist without adding extra volume around your hips. Then, play around with different pieces to find outfits you love!

Look for tops, outerwear, and dresses that accentuate your waist.

Since an hourglass figure is slimmest at the waist, clothes that are nipped in at your waist will help show your curves to their best advantage. Tops and dresses that wrap around or tie at the waist are especially flattering, as are belted trench coats, fit-and-flare dresses, and peplum blouses.

  • A slim-fitting scoop-neck top tucked into high-waisted pants or a skirt can be another great way to emphasize your waist. Just make sure the top fits you comfortably in the bust.
  • Try adding a belt around the waist as well, this works for dresses as well as two piece outfits, coats and long jumpers If you have a larger belly, a belt might emphasize that rather than the curve of your waist. In that case, consider highlighting the sides of your waist by wearing a cropped jacket or high-waisted bottoms.
  • If you have a larger belly, a belt might emphasize that rather than the curve of your waist. In that case, consider highlighting the sides of your waist by wearing a cropped jacket or high-waisted bottoms.

hourglass outfit

Avoid shapeless or too-tight clothes.

If you wear baggy, shapeless clothing, it will swallow your figure and make you look boxy instead of curvy. On the other hand, if your clothes are too tight, you'll look uncomfortable, and it can draw attention to any areas where you carry a little more weight.

  • Instead, look for clothes that skim lightly across your figure, as this will make you look and feel more confident.
  • If you have any problem areas you'd like to minimize, consider wearing a form-fitting—but not extremely tight—garment made from a supportive material like heavy knits, denim, or stretch fabrics.

opt for V-neck, scoop neck, or boat neck tops to flatter your bust.

 Whether you love showing off your bust or you'd prefer to keep your look more modest, if you have a larger chest, it's best to opt for tops where the neckline creates an angle or a curve. A V-neck can be a great way to make your bust look smaller, for instance, since the sharp angle draws attention downward toward your waist.

  • A boatneck top is cut in a horizontal line from shoulder to shoulder, so it shows off the graceful curve of your collarbone.
  • Scoop neck frame your face and show off your collarbone area, but they may not expose as much cleavage as a V-neck.
  • Avoid high-necked style like polo tops, turtlenecks, or tight crew necks, which can make your chest look larger.

hourglass outfit 2

Avoid pieces with extra fabric at the hips or bust.

 Avoid wearing ruffles or pleats around your waist or hips. Since your figure is already curvy, adding extra volume to these areas will make you appear heavier than you are, and that can make your body seem disproportionate.

  • An exception to this might be vertical ruffles on a blouse, which can help minimize your bust.
  • You may also want to avoid wearing horizontal stripes in these areas, as these can make you seem wider.

Wear supportive undergarments that fit properly

 When you have a curvy figure, it's especially important to ensure your undergarments fit well and provide proper support. For instance, your bra should comfortably lift your breasts, but the straps and back shouldn't dig into your skin. If you need to, have your bra professionally fitted so you'll know exactly what size works best for you

  • When you're choosing underwear, look for seamless versions if you prefer full-coverage styles, which will help reduce visible underwear lines. You can also wear thong underwear to ensure there won't be any lines under your clothes.

Wear a body-skimming jersey top with bootcut jeans for a comfortable everyday look.

 Jersey is a knit fabric that's lightweight and soft, and it's commonly used in T-shirts and other casual tops. As long as your garment fits properly, the jersey will skim over your figure, making you look comfortable and cool while still being flattering. Then, the slight flare on your jeans will balance out the curves of your hips.

  • Try wearing this look with your favourite sandals and a messy ponytail for a fun weekend outing!

hourglass outfit 4

Go girly and casual by pairing a skater dress with tennis shoes.

A skater dress is a great way to show off your hourglass figure because it fits like a T-shirt on the top, is fitted at the waist, and then flares out at the hips. This casual dress is perfect for wearing to school, work, or just for hanging out with your friends—just toss on some low-profile sneakers and grab your bag!

  • A choker necklace is a pretty, trendy accessory to add to this look.
  • If your style is a little tougher, try wearing your skater dress with a pair of rugged ankle boots instead. 

If you love your shapely legs and you want to make them the focus of your outfit, try wearing a fitted scoop-neck tee, a miniskirt, and a pair of low-profile sneakers. The T-shirt will give you enough coverage on top to balance out the fact that your legs are exposed, giving you a fun, flirtatious look.

  • For an unexpectedly flattering touch, choose a T-shirt with accents on the shoulders, like rhinestones or a lace overlay.

Tip: If a miniskirt seems a little too daring, try wearing a skort or a pair of tailored shorts instead.

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